The AD-Pro Active Directory Users Directory gives you the ability to view all your AD company user profiles straight from your DotNetNuke company portal

. Keep all your user profile information updated in active directory and get an always up to date listing of your company employee information. Configure both the content of the listing as well as the user details on lookup to suit your organisations needs.


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Core Features

Easy Setup and Customisation

Simple LDAP Setup

With a simple setup just specify your ldap path to your active directory repository and specify a service account to grant access to password expiry information. No configuration file changes or complicated setup.

Comprehensive Filter Sorting

Find any user easily no matter how large your organisation with the ability to sort through your user profile data by using drop down column filters.

Customise your User Details

Customise the way your user listing is displayed to your organisation. With support for all the standard AD user profile fields you can elect to show or hide each field in the listing page. Users can click through to see additional information screens on a user where you can tailor the display to include the content of your choice through a WYSIWYG editor.

Active Directory Integration

Expand on your AD Integration

Why not pair up your modules and make full use of DNN Active directory integration quickly with these easy to use AD Pro Products from Glanton:

AD Pro Users Directory to administer all your active directory users in the one module, all through DNN.

AD Pro Authentication to authorise and integrate your active directory users accounts directly into your DNN portal.

Compatible with

7.2+ Buy now User Guide

What's new in Version 2.00.09 (Updated 18th December, 20123)

Version 2 is a complete rewrite from the ground up:

  • Future proof. The user interface is fully compatible with DNN 6 and 7 and both Community and Professional editions
  • the ability to add or remove properties for display purposes
  • the feature "url filter" in query string has been implemented **NEW**
  • the user detail window now has the ability to display Active Directory user images
  • extended filtering columns (user properties)
  • New integrated licensing allows you to trial, setup and move DNN installs with ease. Plus, all your details are tied into our professional DotNetNuke (DNN) support platform run on allowing us to provide high level support.

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Q: How do I register my trial now that I have my module installed?
A: Go to the website to enter your unique installation key and we will provide you with your trial licence active for 14 days.
Q: How do I get a question answered or find out more?
A: Have a question to ask us? Get in contact with us here and we'd be happy to help.

Glanton Solutions

Easy Licensing

Simple DNN Licensing:
- Request your own license keys.
 - License per DNN install
- no server restrictions
- no portal restrictions
- Move, upgrade and deploy
 - Licenses tied to 360º support.
- Upgrade trial licences.


About Us

Glanton Solutions (a DNN  Partner with a decade of experience) provides high quality solutions on the DNN/Evoq platform to our world-wide customer base to achieve a best of breed suite of intranet and extranet web publishing, collaboration and social networking tools. All wrapped in your corporate branding and compliant with your security, legal and operating standards. Ask us how we can create, support or troubleshoot your DNN Evoq sites today.

Need a hand getting our modules implemented?

Purchasing a "Complete Bundle with Assistance" means that you have included with your purchase, up to a day of virtual assistance to install and configure your AD-Pro modules on your DNN installation according to your needs. We'll not only advise on best practice on how to deal with user authentication, synchronization and management but we'll actually get in there and do it for you! This offer of assistance is valid for 6 months from your purchase date

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Technical Support when you need it.

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When things go wrong, we're here to support you through our fully managed support desk. If you are an existing customer (including trials) please send us a support ticket.